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Just the Gals Turbo Tabata

  • STARTMar 23rd - 7:00pm

  • ENDMar 23rd - 7:45pm


Get your heart pumping and your metabolism boosted with “Just the Gals” Tabata! Upper body, lower body, core…you’ll get it all! This high intensity interval class is designed so that you get the workout you desire in the shortest amount of time. And, as Moms, time is precious, Hot Mama understands that! Each week we’ll focus on a different area of your body by incorporating specific Tabata exercises. You are guaranteed to leave this class sweaty, proud and strong. The best part about this workout…even though you’ll be finished working out, your body will be burning extra calories for hours! What are you waiting for? This class is JUST the Gals, sans kids. Get out for that much needed break for some “me” time.

Event Details
Event Organizer
Main Mama Tonya
Event Venue
Summerside Home Gym(address upon checkin)
Summerside, Edmonton, AB, Canada.
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