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Upcoming Classes & Programs

  • February 21, 2018
  • 7:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Summerside Home Gym(address upon checkin)
  • Main Mama Tonya
21 Feb, 2018

Body Smarts 12 Week Nutrition Program

Each week you’ll learn the “Nutrition & Fitness Rules” for the week. We’ll discuss progress, setbacks, challenges and successes. Weigh-ins and measurements will be taken on specified weeks. By the end of this program you’ll have a foundation of education to help you eat nutritiously and workout correctly for life! […]

  • February 22, 2018
  • 10:00am - 10:30am
  • Edmonton Dance Factory
  • Main Mama Tonya
22 Feb, 2018

Mama & Me Box & Burn

Are you ready for Hot Mama’s latest class that will leave you feeling like one tough mother? That’s what we thought! Box & Burn is a total body workout that not only burns calories… oh no, this workout incinerates those buggers! We jab, hook and kick the every day stress […]

  • February 23, 2018
  • 9:30am - 10:15am
  • Edmonton Dance Factory
  • Main Mama Tonya
23 Feb, 2018

Mama & Me Strength & Sass

Join us for our NEWEST class! We’re going to be pumpin’ some iron and building your muscular strength and endurance with this 45 minute calorie burner. Not all workouts need to be cardio, cardio, cardio and we’re going to help get you strength gains and muscle tone with sets and […]

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Featured Classes & Programs

Postpartum Initiative

FREE classes for women between 8-16 weeks postpartum. Find the support, love and laughter you need!

Body Smarts

Hot Mama's 12-week fitness & nutrition education program! Lose weight, learn about proper nutrition & find group support like no other!

Mama & Me Fitness

Safe, fun and effective classes that you can bring your entire crew to. Newborns, mobile babes, toddlers and kids ALL welcome!

Toddler Tag-Out

Bring your Minis of all ages (newborn to school-aged) to workout. You sweat. They laugh and have active play.

Bootylicious Run Group

New to running? Want to laugh & learn to run at the same time? Join us and achieve those run goals you've been contemplating.


Join our 28-day at-home fitness and nutrition program! No Hot Mama near you? No problem. You can join us through our online program!

Workout & Wine Nights

What more do we have to say. We workout. Then we drink wine and laugh...a lot! Join us for these crazy night & many other events!

Screw Skinny

Our 8-week Screw Skinny Strength & Empower class will make you sweat and make you stronger. You are more than numbers on a scale.

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Meet Your Main Mama

Tonya Yuen

Hot Mama & Franchise Owner

Also known as...

T, Mama T, lil T, T Bear, Mommy!

I am a Hot Mama because...

I believe in everything that Hot Mama stands for; helping us mamas, our kids and the community live a healthy life.

Owning a Hot Mama franchise is the best decision I have ever made because...

It enables me to share what I have learned with others in a positive, fun and meaningful way. I can work alongside my kids; teaching them along with other mamas and their kids. I used to always want to get a workout in but with small kids it isn’t always an option when you have to find babysitting. So if I’m thinking that way, how many other mamas are thinking that too?? It’s about getting our kids off the couch and getting active with us and within the community. Our kids are our future!

Teaching for Hot Mama is...

FUN and oddly satisfying the more sweaty and red the mamas get lol!

Meet my family...

Married Mama of 3 boys Isaiah 11, Micah 9, Dexter 5.

My favourite part of my body is...

Seriously?? I love it all is the appropriate answer! But if I had to choose one part; LEGS. Strong Legs!

I can often be heard saying (or yelling)...

"I said..." (to my kids), "Com'on don't quit in the last couple secs" and "KEEP MOVING!" (to the Hot Mamas!).

My favourite healthy snack is... But secretly I would rather be having...

Bananas! Totally, I eat a banana everyday. I would rather be eating potato chips = weakness.

My perfect Sunday morning is...

Sleeping in and cuddling. We've dedicated Sundays as "Family Day" since it's usually hubbies only day off. That secretly means "don't sign up for any runs, Tonya!" LOL!

My dream vacation is...

Anywhere alone. HA! Those huts on water Fuji Islands

My favourite way to indulge myself is...

The Melting Pot & Bacon (I LOVE Bacon).

World Domination!
31 December 2018 Monday - 12:00 am
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